Happening at OCF

    November 20

    TheOregonCF: Congratulations to @CalderaArts for receiving a 2015 National Arts & Humanities Youth Program Award! https://t.co/YnKgufXGzO   MORE »

    November 19

    TheOregonCF: To teach children to give, tell them how much your family has been given. https://t.co/dQty050tjs   MORE »

    November 18

    TheOregonCF: RT @KimFLeonard: We made it to Cloud Gate! @TheOregonCF Research department does away from our computers on occasion!...   MORE »

    November 10

    TheOregonCF: OCF job opportunity: Donor Relations Assistant, Portland office. https://t.co/y6nNgFW0oR   MORE »

    November 24

    OCF job opportunity: Receptionist, Portland office.   MORE »

    November 23

    Thurston High School Community 101 students encourage students to vote on the mission statement and raise funds to grant to Springfield...   MORE »

    November 20

    Congratulations to Caldera, the first nonprofit in Oregon to receive the 2015 National Arts & Humanities Youth Program Award.   MORE »

    November 19

    “First and foremost, this is an opportunity to tell stories about you and your relatives that your children may not have heard...   MORE »