Nike Community Impact Fund

The Nike Community Impact Fund was established at The Oregon Community Foundation in 2010 to benefit communities where Nike employees live, work and play. Through this fund, Nike employees work with OCF to award at least $550,000 per year to nonprofits and schools in the Metropolitan Portland region and in Southwest Washington.

Funding Priorities
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Funding Priorities

The Nike Community Impact Fund exists to further Nike's goal to collaborate with local organizations to create strong communities where physical activity, play and sports are a highly valued part of everyday life.

We know that active kids have better academic performance, better behavior, better health and better lives. Active adults not only enjoy better health and quality of life, but pass along the values of physical activity to their children. Grants are one-year awards totaling between $5,000 and $20,000 each, with the following focus: 

  • 80 percent of grant awards support projects that deliver impact through the lens of sport and physical activity (about 40 grants per year).
  • 20 percent of grant awards support organizations and projects that address community challenges through innovative community-based solutions(about 10 grants per year).

In 2013, 50% of sport-related applications received funding, but only one of 12 non-sport applications received funding (about 8%). To improve your competitiveness, please review the program guidelines and FAQ.