Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative

The Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative is a multiyear grant program that supports the delivery of parenting education programs. The Collaborative's partners believe that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers, and that investment in strong parenting is a critical strategy for ensuring that all children are ready to learn.

Visit the program's website at: www.orparenting.org.


Outcomes and Evaluation
Staff Assistance


OPEC is a partnership between four of Oregon’s largest foundations (OCF, The Ford Family Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust and The Collins Foundation) and Oregon State University. In addition to funding, OPEC supports grantees through evaluation, technical assistance, and professional development led by OSU. 

OPEC supports:

  • Delivery of high-quality parenting education programs

  • Coordinated efforts to strengthen regional parenting education systems

  • Developing and strengthening collaborative regional parenting education Hubs

The initiative was launched in May 2010, with six new regional parenting Hubs serving 12 counties, and nine small grants providing evidence-based classes and home visiting for specific groups of parents. Six additional parenting Hub grants were awarded in May 2011. Programming includes class series, workshops, home visits and family events.

In 2015, an expansion of OPEC increased the number of parenting education Hubs to 15, serving 27 Oregon counties and Siskiyou County, CA. A list of the awards approved in May 2015 is available to download here