“My hope is for future generations to value the importance of community involvement, guidance and investment, now needed more than ever to maintain and develop this special place we call Oregon.”

JON JAQUAA founding family member of the Family Giving Center
The Family Giving Center

Telling a Family Story Through Giving

“When my parents [John and Robin Jaqua, pictured above] began their family and careers in Eugene, Oregon, it was a very different place than it is today,” Jon Jaqua says. “Although young, they immersed themselves in almost every aspect of the growth and development of that community, including causes related to children, education, arts, social issues and business development. It was easy for me to follow their lead, as serving the community was ingrained in me through active participation with them.

“However, the next generation and those in the future don’t necessarily have that mentorship. The social issues faced today are more complex and need charitable assistance from a broader array of resources and services.”

OCF’s Family Giving Center encourages candid conversations about charitable giving. Working directly with family members across generations, family giving specialists facilitate discussion of individual motivations and guide them toward a shared family approach to community building and strategic giving.

“Essentially, we help families discover the joy in working together to give,” says Laura Winter, vice president of the Family Giving Center. “Together, we explore a vision and a common set of values that ultimately create a narrative for future generations to understand and model the next phase of philanthropy.”

“I’ve learned so much working with my children,” says Ken Austin Sr. “It’s the most businesslike thing we’ve done together. The joy is in the teamwork — not only dealing with decisions about money, but our beliefs and passions.”

Austin Family

The Family Giving Center’s team of intergenerational giving specialists helps each family develop a meaningful, personal giving plan based on a customized approach to achieving their charitable goals. OCF facilitates family meetings, offers expertise on governance, identifies opportunities to leverage funding, and engages a robust research department that deploys data to direct the family’s charitable investments toward long-term, sustainable solutions.

The result? Families are more strategic with their giving and have a greater community impact.

The Hampton family says, “We see the creation of the Hampton Legacy Fund as an important step in communicating the opportunity for families to make an impact on Oregon’s future. OCF has been instrumental in helping our family focus our philanthropic endeavors toward effective strategies. Perhaps even more important, OCF has been an indispensable partner in mentoring our next generation of family members in the complex process and deep personal reward of effective giving.”

Hampton Family