GO Kids Aims to Close the Opportunity Gap

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Too many kids in Oregon grow up in poverty and stay poor. Many children don’t have the support they need to succeed in school, and their families lack resources for stable homes and flourishing lives.

Differences in life circumstances—such as race, ethnicity, ZIP code and socio-economic status that determine achievement and life outcomes—are known as the opportunity gap. This gap hurts kids in low-income families, rural kids, kids of color, our communities and our future prosperity as Oregonians.

OCF introduced a new strategic plan in 2019 with a renewed commitment to closing the opportunity gap for Oregon’s kids and families. OCF works to identify gaps in education, job training, housing and family support that hold Oregonians back, so we can target resources toward strategic, community-advised solutions.

The gaps communities experience are different. OCF believes that strong community engagement is key to closing these gaps. Caring Oregonians can find and implement local solutions to help the kids in their diverse communities. OCF’s strategy is to support community leaders by offering resources and coordination to make positive, transformative change in Oregon.

GO Kids (Giving Opportunity to Kids) is a three-year project launched in October 2018 to catalyze OCF advocates and volunteers in different parts of the state to become energetic champions for Oregon’s kids and to support community-driven problem-solving. Participants will assess opportunity gaps in their communities; talk with local community members and nonprofits; convene groups to learn about the opportunity gap; recommend small grants; and participate in local coalitions and partnerships to enhance collaborative responses to the opportunity gaps in their communities. All Oregon children are our kids—we hope and believe that GO Kids will contribute to our collective future success.