Research: Informing OCF’s Priorities

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Impartial research of Oregon’s pressing issues helps guide donor philanthropy and OCF strategic priorities. OCF shares research and program evaluation with a robust cross section of groups including community leaders, policymakers and other philanthropic funders to build collaborative frameworks centered on community and data-driven solutions.


The 2018 TOP Report, Oregonians Mobilizing for Change,* highlights community building blocks throughout the state that demonstrate where and how community-led problem-solving is delivering tangible results. This report provides an in-depth review and storytelling from Oregonians working collaboratively with diverse groups and ideas to ensure vibrant communities. Community- and local-led change is the backbone of transforming our state.


OCF commissioned economic research firm ECONorthwest to help fill information gaps and inform ongoing community-based work on housing and homelessness.

Two reports – one conducted in the Metro Portland region, the second statewide - describe two, interrelated crises:

One crisis affects a population of individuals with highly challenging personal circumstances who will struggle to remain housed absent sustained, intensive support.

A second crisis affects tens of thousands of households: the short-term homeless plus the growing number of severely cost-burdened renters on the verge of homelessness.

The reports concludes that affordable housing and homelessness together represent a statewide crisis that must be tackled by all levels of government, philanthropy, nonprofits and businesses working together on collaborative solutions. Read the full statewide report at