Community Grant Proposal Highlights: Fall 2018

The following proposals submitted to the Community Grant Program provide opportunities to partner with OCF in addressing some of Oregon's most pressing issues. These projects fit within OCF's strategic funding guidelines, and impact can be enhanced through co-funding from donor advised funds. We encourage you to consider recommending grants to these worthy projects.

Portland Metro
Central and Eastern Oregon
South Willamette
Southern Oregon
North Willamette

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion-Focused Community Grant Proposals (Portland Metro)

This fall, we are excited to share with you a list of Community Grant proposals for projects in the Portland Metro region that advance equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). OCF invites you to partner with us in supporting these worthy and important projects, assisting our mission to improve the lives of all Oregonians through the power of philanthropy. Taking a strategic approach to supporting these projects helps us adhere to our EDI commitment, and advised fund donors are key partners in this work. Learn more about our equity, diversity and inclusion commitments.

Grants to any of these projects can be made through MyOCF.

Portland Metro Region

African American Youth and Community Organization (Portland)
to strengthen programs that include youth leadership, one-on-one mentoring, tutoring and sports for young immigrants and refugees from East Africa
Area(s) Served: Multnomah; Requested $29,832

August Wilson Red Door Project (Portland)
for a full-time production manager to oversee three theater productions (including statewide touring) to engage law enforcement professionals and persons from communities of color in dialogue about racial profiling
Area(s) Served: Multnomah, Statewide; Requested: $50,000

Gorge Grown Food Network (Hood River)
for a pilot project to offer healthy-cooking classes and fresh fruits and vegetables to 50 pregnant, low-income women and their families in Hood River County, to reduce hunger and improve nutrition during gestation along with long-term health outcomes
Area(s) Served: Hood River; Requested: $25,000

Momentum Alliance (Portland)
to strengthen financial management systems to ensure the long-term sustainability of youth-led social justice programming
Area(s) Served: Multnomah; Requested: $30,000

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (Portland)
to engage local schools and communities of color in redesigning King School Park to increase the tree canopy, reduce run-off, create nature-play opportunities, and improve park safety
Area(s) Served: Multnomah; Requested: $14,000

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon (Portland)
to increase revenues and pursue professional development for staff and board, to better sustain and deliver programs that help low-income people and communities of color advocate for a safe and healthy environment
Area(s) Served: Multnomah: $30,000

Our Home, Inclusive Community Collaborative (Portland)
for "Our Home - Cathedral Park," a planned 22-unit facility with both market-rate and subsidized homes for persons who are below median income, experience disability, or are 55 or older and want to age in a home of their choice
Area(s) Served: Multnomah; Requested: $20,000

Our House of Portland (Portland)
to pursue with longtime partner Cascade AIDS Project an integrated partnership to improve the services available to individuals in Oregon living with HIV
Area(s) Served: Multnomah; Requested: $10,000

Portland Taiko (Portland)
in preparation for the 25th-anniversary celebration, to increase staffing and create a museum exhibit highlighting taiko (Japanese drumming) for the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center
Area(s) Served: Multnomah, Statewide; Requested: $15,000

Q Center (Portland)
to increase organizational capacity during an executive leadership transition and the addition of a development manager, to sustain social support programs for the LGBTQ community
Area(s) Served: Multnomah; Requested: $20,000

Randall Children's Hospital (Portland)
to add a licensed clinical social worker to the Transgender Clinic at Randall Children's Hospital, which provides multi-disciplinary care for transgender and gender-diverse youth
Area(s) Served: Multnomah; Requested: $21,092

Refugee & Immigrant Services and Empowerment (Portland)
to support legal services for refugees and immigrants with disabilities, and training for agencies who aid them, to address stigma, language and cultural barriers
Area(s) Served: Multnomah; Requested: $25,000

World Venture (Englewood, CO)
to launch a Girl Empowerment Curriculum for faith communities to use to prevent sex trafficking -- with a focus on girls from multi-cultural communities -- and to help girls in foster care who have been trafficked already
Area(s) Served: Multnomah; Requested: $15,000

Write Around Portland (Portland)
to provide volunteer programs and leadership training for communities of color, Spanish speakers, people with disabilities, and low-income populations in Clackamas, Clark, Multnomah and Washington counties
Area(s) Served: Multnomah, Clackamas, Clark, Washington; Requested: $20,000

Non-Community Grant Projects and Proposals Advancing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The projects and OCF initiatives outlined below are not related to OCF's Community Grant Program and have not been reviewed by OCF volunteer grant reviewers. However, Donor Relations Officers are familiar with these organizations, and each of these projects help advance equity, diversity and inclusion. OCF supplements the equity-oriented Community Grant proposals highlighted above with these non-Community Grant proposals to provide a wider array of funding opportunities that reflect the needs of diverse populations across the state. We invite you to support these important projects.

InvestigateWest (Portland)
for The Indian Country Reporting Project's work to amplify the voices and visibility of Indian people in mainstream media. In order to build on this program’s success, InvestigateWest is seeking to hire a half-time reporter, a Native American journalism fellow, contracted editors, and a freelance writer
Area(s) Served: Multnomah, Statewide; Requested: $5,000

OCF - Census 2020 (Statewide)
for supporting participation by Oregonians in the 2020 Census. Grants will be made for outreach and education projects, with a focus on organizations connected with hard-to-count populations, including rural, immigrant, tribal, and communities of color
Area(s) Served: Statewide; Requested: $5,000

OCF - DACA, Immigrant and Refugee Fund (Statewide)
for funding nonprofits and community groups providing critical services for children, youth, adults and families impacted by federal immigration policies. Grants from the DACA, Immigrant and Refugee Fund support outreach and education about policies, legal services and representation for detention and deportation, school engagement and support, DACA eligibility application renewals, and support for refugees' integration
Area(s) Served: Statewide; Requested: $5,000

OCF - LGBTQ+ Needs Assessment (Statewide)
to support the first ever statewide needs assessment to better understand the needs of the LGBTQ+ communities in Oregon. A needs assessment will help highlight gaps in services and opportunities for investment in our LGBTQ+ communities. OCF will manage the research and create a report that will be shared broadly with the community
Area(s) Served: Statewide; Requested: $50,000

OHSU Foundation (Portland)
for On Track OHSU!, a program to work with Oregon middle and high school students from communities historically underrepresented in the sciences. The program's goal is to increase the number of underrepresented minority students in the health sciences and biomedical workforce. Students will serve the Klamath Tribe in Chiloquin, with the goal of expanding the program’s reach and hiring a Program Coordinator
Area(s) Served: Multnomah, Klamath; Requested: $10,000

University of Portland (Portland)
for a pilot project to run primary care clinics at Blanchet House to serve low-income and homeless populations in the Portland Metro region
Area(s) Served: Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington; Requested: $10,000