Start a Fund

Through our donors, OCF has created a permanent endowment for the state. Your legacy can begin here.

You can create an advised fund with a gift or bequest of $25,000 or more. Other types of permanent named funds require a minimum of $50,000.

An alternative approach is to build a permanent fund over time, starting with at least a $5,000 contribution.

Types of Funds
Types of Gifts
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Types of Funds

Donor-Advised Fund

With an OCF donor-advised fund, you can actively participate in grantmaking to nonprofit organizations throughout the state. You can also name successor advisors, such as your children, to carry on your family's legacy of giving.

Field of Interest Fund

If you have a deeply held field of interest — such as disadvantaged children, the elderly, or the performing arts — we can help you direct grants to those causes. You can also make grants focused in a specific geographic area within Oregon.

Donor-Designated Fund

If you have a specific charitable organization in mind, you may name the group to receive distributions from the fund. If that group ceases to exist, or the purpose it serves becomes obsolete, the OCF board has the responsibility and authority to reapply the distributions to a similar charitable organization.

Discretionary Fund

A discretionary fund supports OCF’s overall charitable mission of improving life in Oregon through philanthropy. We make grants from discretionary funds to meet greatest current needs, including education, health, and human and cultural services.

Endowment Partner Fund

Nonprofit organizations may establish an endowment partner fund that will provide efficient and effective stewardship of an organization’s endowment.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship funds increase access to higher education in our state. They may include individual academic or vocational scholarships, scholarships to graduates of a specific high school, or distributions specific to educational institutions.

Pooled Funds

When you pool your gift with others, it has a greater impact.

OCF Leadership Fund

We welcome gifts of any size to OCF’s Administrative Fund, which enables us to promote, develop and increase philanthropy in every corner of Oregon.

Oregon Fund

You can address prevailing needs throughout the state by making a gift of any size to this general-purpose charitable fund.

Oregon Scholarship Fund

The Oregon Scholarship Fund awards more than 100 scholarships each year to Oregon college students who demonstrate significant financial need, academic promise and strong character.