Endowment Partners

Nonprofit organizations establish endowment partner funds to permanently support their operations and programs. The advantages of creating and maintaining an endowment partner fund are particularly compelling during periods of economic uncertainty. Every dollar earned from endowment investment is one less that you need to raise.


Benefits of Endowment Partner Funds
OCF Endowment Partners Program
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Benefits of Endowment Partner Funds

  • Long-term viability and stability. An endowment will provide your nonprofit organization with a steady income stream to offset operations, fund new and innovative programs, and support other mission-critical activities.
  • Attractiveness to donors. An endowment is a sign that your organization will be around for a long time, which offers a further incentive for prospective donors.
  • Saved time and resources. You can deepen your nonprofit’s focus on its core mission, as you require less time for administration and management.
  • Professional guidance. OCF philanthropic advisors provide professional advice on complex gift transactions and can execute deferred gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, for your donors.
  • Professional management. Our investment program combines the assets of permanent charitable funds for investment, so that each fund benefits from the strength of a large pooled portfolio. The result is high-quality, diversified investment management at reasonable costs.