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The Oregon Community Foundation offers many ways of connecting donors to the causes they are passionate about.

You can set up a fund or add to your existing fund. Or you can join with others in donating to a pooled fund, where your dollars will go even further.

No matter how you choose to give, we are here to help you make wise investments — for you and for the issues closest to your heart.

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Add to Your Fund

Additions to your fund may be made at any time using cash, securities, or other forms of property. Checks should be made payable to OCF and mailed to the OCF Portland office.  Please indicate the fund name on your check.

Gifts of appreciated securities or real estate often allow a donor to make a substantial contribution while receiving valuable income tax advantages.  The capital gain from the donated asset (if held by you for at least one year) passes tax free to OCF. Gifts of real estate require a certain amount of due diligence by OCF, and will require the donor to obtain a qualified appraisal.

Under current tax law, individuals may make a gift of an IRA distribution to their OCF fund with the exception of advised funds. Staff will work with your IRA administrator, if necessary, to facilitate the transfer of IRA assets

In addition to outright contributions, gifts from bequests, living trusts, and charitable remainder trusts may also be added to an existing fund.

For gifts of cash, securities or IRA distributions, please contact:

For assistance with all other types of gifts, please get in touch with your fund’s contact person or an OCF philanthropic advisor.