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As a public charity, The Oregon Community Foundation adheres to the highest standards for operating in the public view and in the public interest. We invest our permanent funds to provide a perpetual resource for Oregon.

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Investment Management

Stewardship of charitable funds is one of OCF's most important responsibilities. Our broadly diversified investment portfolio is structured to produce investment returns that exceed market averages, particularly in down markets.

Our investment programs combine the assets of permanent charitable funds for investment. Each fund benefits from the strength of a large, pooled portfolio. The result is high-quality, diversified investment management at reasonable fees and costs.

Investment Committee

OCF's investment managers collaborate with an outstanding investment committee comprising knowledgeable and experienced volunteers. The committee oversees the investment program and makes recommendations to the board of directors regarding investment policy, strategy and management. Cambridge Associates, an international investment consulting firm, assists the committee in its work.

Investment Committee Members

William Berg, chair - Portland

Kirby Dyess - Beaverton

Karen Harding - Portland

Lyn Hennion - Medford

Chris Magaña - Portland

Duane McDougall - Lake Oswego

Garth Nisbet - Lake Oswego

Ron Parker - Portland

Eric Parsons, Portland

William Rutherford - Portland

Lane Shetterly - Dallas

Duncan Wyse - Portland

Current Investment Managers

Our investment managers as of December 31, 2016 provide a diversity of styles.

Marketable Alternative Assets

Arlington Fund — OCF Series (diversified portfolio of 22 limited partnerships)

Private Capital

Private Equity Investments (96 limited partnerships)

Inflation-Hedging Investments

Tortoise MLP Strategy

Vanguard Energy Fund

Morgan Stanley International Real Estate

Global Fixed Income

Income Research + Management

1607 Capital Taxable Fixed Income

Private Diversifiers (1 Limited Partnership)