Community Grant Program

Program Guidelines
Eligibility & Competitiveness
Application Process
Grantee Reporting
Staff Assistance

Guiding Principles

  • We believe that creative and sustainable solutions come from people who work in partnership to address common needs and aspirations.
  • We give high priority to investments that create positive, substantive change and attempt to resolve problems at their source.
  • We recognize and respect Oregon's diverse regions and populations, and we seek to advance equity, diversity and inclusion through our programs.

Program Details

As a responsive arm of OCF, the Community Grants Program awards about 175 grants per grant cycle, twice per year, mostly to small- and moderate-size nonprofits. The average grant is $20,000. OCF typically receives between 400-500 proposals per grant cycle. Concerns central to OCF’s evaluation of proposed projects include:

  • The strength of local support for the project
  • The strength of the applicant organization
  • Whether the project addresses a significant community need

Please review the full Program Guidelines, which include tips on submitting a competitive proposal as well as guidance on capacity-building and capital requests. OCF will also consider how well the project fits Community Grants funding priorities.