Advised Fund Grants


If your organization has received a grant from an OCF advised fund, our Grant Recipient FAQs will provide more information.

Reporting Your Organization's Progress

We encourage the organizations we support to report to us on their progress, and on how the grant has benefited their community. We often share this information with our fund advisors.

We generally make advised grants at the recommendation of an advised fund donor; they are not the result of a grant application submitted by a nonprofit. Most advised grants support a nonprofit’s general operations or core programs. Therefore, we usually do not require grantees to submit a progress report. An exception may be made if the grant is for a specific project or for a large sum. In these cases, the grant award letter will state if a report is required.

Completing an Organization Profile

When evaluating a grant recommendation, or a donor's interest in an organization, OCF may request an Organization Profile. If OCF has requested that you complete this form, please download it below and complete it:

NOTE: Unsolicited forms will not be considered by OCF.

Staff Assistance

If you have any questions after reviewing the information available on this page, please contact: