Grantee Press Kit

Congratulations on your award. Below you will find information on how to recognize OCF and OCF Funds in your press materials.


Public Recognition for Your Project and Its Supporters: Please consider sending a press release to your local media and The Oregonian, announcing this grant. Consider announcing this grant on your website, with a link to OCF’s website - For guidance on how to get more public recognition for your project, please refer to this News Release Guide.

OCF Logo: The logos listed below are available for use in publications and promotional materials. Please review the OCF Logo Usage Guide prior to use.

OCF Logo gray

OCF Logo with tagline gray

OCF Logo black

OCF Logo with tagline black

Fund Names: Please review the award letter which will include the funds that have supported your project. The names of the funds contributing to your grant are listed on your award letter.  Funds of OCF should always be referred to in the following way: The [Name of Fund] of The Oregon Community Foundation. The fund name without reference to OCF may be used in communications if the phrase "The [Name of Fund] of The Oregon Community Foundation" has been used first in that specific communication.