We believe that our community’s future depends on education. And our donors agree. 

With 500 funds that make higher education and training more accessible through scholarships, OCF has one of the largest scholarship programs of its kind in the country. In 2018, OCF awarded $10.4 million through 3,560 individual scholarships.

Scholarships are available for graduates of specific high schools, students interested in a certain subject, and many other types of students. If you’re interested in pursuing higher education, we probably have a scholarship that can help you realize your dream. 

To learn about some of the most promising practices in scholarship administration, we encourage you to read our scholarship research brief.  

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OCF Scholarships Administered Through the Office of Student Access and Completion

OCF has partnered with the Office of Student Access and Completion for nearly 30 years. OSAC is a state agency whose mission is to help Oregon students attain a post-secondary education.

By contracting with OSAC to administer more than 380 of its scholarship programs, OCF permits students to complete a single application form to be eligible for scholarships from OCF and from a number of other public and private sources.

To review the enormous list of scholarships administered by OSAC for OCF, please visit The site lets students search for scholarships that fit their needs and provides an electronic application form and instructions on how to apply. Applicants need to complete only one common application online for the portfolio of scholarships administered by OSAC.

OSAC applications are available online beginning in November and are accepted through March 1 for the approaching academic year. Visit for updates and additional information.