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OCF Grants & Scholarships 2016

OCF awarded $108 million in grants and scholarships around Oregon in 2016. These grants are as varied as our state. Some are awarded through an open grant application process, while others reflect an advised fund donor's recommendation. But they all have a single goal: improving our community. OCF’s unique Giving Explorer allows users to see this philanthropy at work.

  • Begin by taking a look at a visual overview of grants and scholarships on the first page.
  • Next, click on the arrow to the right of the blue heading bar to browse a list of all grants and scholarships by organization.
  • Then, narrow down searches by exploring grants and scholarships awarded by topic, subtopic or county.
  • Click here for more tips on how to use the Giving Explorer.

For additional information about grant awards, please visit the specific grant program pages. The Giving Explorer includes all OCF grants and scholarships. For a list of only grants awarded by advised fund donors, please visit the Donor Advised Fund Grant Tool. If you are interested in applying for a grant, please visit our grants page. To apply for a scholarship, please visit our scholarships page

Tips for Using the OCF Giving Explorer

Filtering Data

In the grants and scholarships overview, click on a topic, county or subtopic to show just the data in that category.

You can also use the Search by Grant Type drop-down menu to show:

  • Grants awarded through an application process: some grants have an open application process. Learn more about our Grant Programs.
  • Grants awarded without an application process: many grants are made by a recommendation from an advised fund donor and do not have an open application process.
  • Scholarships

Please note that application deadlines and requirements vary by year and program. Please see individual program pages for more information.

In the grants list, use the drop-down menus to filter.

To remove all filters, click reset at the bottom of the dashboard.

Downloading Data

To download all data, click here.

To download a filtered set of data:

  1. Use the charts and drop-down menus to select the data you would like to see.
  2. Click Download at the bottom of the dashboard and select Data.
  3. In the pop-up window, select the Full data tab, check the Show All Columns box, and click Download all rows as a text file.


Email questions to Caitlin Ruffenach, Researcher, at cruffenach@oregoncf.org.

Other Recent Grant Recipients

The lists below are not reflected in the dashboard above and may not include all grant programs. For additional information about grant awards, please visit the specific grant program pages.


May 2016 Grantees


All Grants and Scholarships


All Grants and Scholarships