The 2012 Gray Colloquium: Bringing Together Dedicated Environmental Educators

3/15/2012 Press Release

On February 10 and 11 at the Salem 4-H Center, OCF hosted 60 people from more than 15 different counties in Oregon.  

The event focused on best practices for experts in the field of training teachers in environmental education. “Very successful, inspirational, informative” were a few words used to describe the weekend. Participants were able to walk away with a stronger definition of teacher best practices and how to reshape their offerings for teacher professional development. While the main focus was on best practices in teacher professional development, participants also received information regarding specific environmental programs in Oregon.
A team of experts in the field volunteered to shape and create this unique event. Without their dedication to the work there wouldn’t be the expertise within Oregon’s network to help colleagues grow. Throughout the weekend participants were able to connect with each other to develop relationships and partnerships in hopes to strengthen the network and impact within the environmental education field.

To learn more about the environmental education program, please visit The Gray Family Foundation.