211 Family Info Announces New Services

2/1/2013 Press Release

In a press conference held on Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 211info announced the expansion of 211 Family Info, an effort to promote young child wellness by connecting parents with information and services.

Julia Johnson (pictured) provided a firsthand account of the impact that 211 Family Info has made on her and her daughter.  As a single parent, she used the service to enroll in early Head Start, for general parenting questions and for assistance around the holidays.  

The new 211 Family Info is expanding childhood resources throughout Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties to include not only online resources, but also a phone line, text and email  dedicated to providing confidential and free child development expertise.

By making a toll-free call to 2-1-1, visiting 211 Family Info or joining the 211 Family Info online community, parents, families and caregivers can find a wide range of services and resources in more than 150 languages. They can also talk with an early childhood specialist about topics such as child development and behavioral strategies, family stress and anxiety, parent support groups, nearby play groups, school readiness and success, and basic resources such as housing, utilities and food banks.

“We’re excited to renew — and, in fact, increase — our support for 211info,” said Mary Louise McClintock, OCF’s Early Childhood Program director. “This program does great work streamlining access to all support programs for children and parents, whether public, private or faith-based.”

Other funders of 211 Family Info include Multnomah ESD's Project LAUNCH.