No Oregon Child Left Inside Initiative

8/31/2011 Press Release

The No Oregon Child Left Inside initiative is continuing to move forward with the implementation of The Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan: Toward a Sustainable Future. A committee has been formed to align the proposed environmental literacy strands with the existing Oregon Academic Standards and Graduation Requirements. The academic alignment work will be completed by the end of this summer, demonstrating where environmental literacy concepts are currently supported in state mandated educational requirements.

The following activities are also underway:

  • Seeking an executive order through the Governor’s office to create an Environmental Literacy Council that will oversee implementation of the environmental literacy plan
  • Supporting the possible participation by the Oregon Department of Education in implementation of the plan, in partnership with Education for Sustainability and the Farm to School program
  • Sharing the plan through regional forums across the state and with related initiatives including Forest Literacy, Ocean Literacy and the federal No Child Left Inside movement
  • Exploring establishment of a grant program to support robust implementation of the plan and the cultivation of an environmentally literate population in Oregon

In the first part of 2011, The Oregon Community Foundation supported the initiative through a grant to implement this comprehensive plan for environmental literacy and engagement.