Celebrating 20 years of Community 101

7/19/2017 Press Release

Students, teachers and donors celebrate the joy of community service and grantmaking

As high school students, it's not every day that we get to witness the amazing things people do for our community, but Community 101 helped open us up to that. That sense of purpose was very inspiring, and our committee at Southridge High School couldn't be happier knowing that we helped make a difference in others’ lives.” - Olivia DeSimone, Southridge High School

Community 101 is a collaborative effort among foundations, donors, educators, students and nonprofits to engage young Oregonians in their communities. Community 101 was created in 1997 by the PGE Foundation to connect classroom learning to the community and introduce students to the importance of civic engagement, leadership and philanthropy. In 2008, The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) partnered with the PGE Foundation to expand the program to more schools statewide. Today, the PGE Foundation continues to be the top funder of the program. “What’s wonderful about Community 101 is the exposure students have to the power of philanthropy and volunteerism,” said Kregg Arntson, executive director of the PGE Foundation. “We’re honored to have created this program and celebrate the lasting impacts it has had across Oregon over the last 20 years.”

During the last 20 years, Community 101 has taught civic engagement, grant making, leadership and teamwork skills to Oregon students; approximately 20,550 Community 101 students have granted $4.5 million to thousands of organizations throughout Oregon, volunteered 90,000 hours and raised more than $200,000 to give to causes they care about. Community 101 provides an opportunity for young Oregonians to speak up for what they feel is important, openly discuss issues that impact their lives and their futures, learn about the role of nonprofits and charitable giving and grant funds to causes they care about.

Community 101 is grateful for the donors, nonprofits and particularly to the many teacher advisors who make this program possible. “Our hope is that Community 101 students take this experience with them throughout high school, college and their adult lives. We’d like them to look back and remember what it felt like to give time and/or money to causes they care about and in turn, continue to support their community through charitable giving and volunteering. Whether it’s $5 or 5 hours, Oregon youth are making a difference,” said Jennesa Datema, Associate Program Officer, The Oregon Community Foundation.

Administered by OCF, Community 101 provides student leadership and civic engagement through charitable giving. For information about how to become involved or to support a class in your community, please contact Jennesa Datema at The Oregon Community Foundation, jdatema@oregoncf.org or 503.227.6846.