“There are so many who aren’t as fortunate as we are, and we can help. And we can do that permanently"

David Beckham, Professional Advisor

7/17/2014 Press Release

A native son of Coos Bay, Albany attorney David Beckham is no stranger to serving his community. As OSU student body vice president (“Go Beavers!” he interjects), as an Army artillery captain in Vietnam and Germany, as an attorney in the DA’s office, and as a lifelong volunteer and donor to many organizations ranging from the Rotary Club to the Oregon Special Needs Trust, David has made giving back a cornerstone of his professional and private life. “I’ve been working with OCF since their earliest days—in fact, I remember when OCF was just [former president] Ned Look and a secretary.”

David begins, “Eighty percent of my business is estate planning, and I want to encourage charitable giving. It’s such an efficient investment: when you give a dollar to charity, the return is tremendous—it can do so much locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.” He practices what he preaches:David has several family members who are disabled, he says, and their experiences have driven much of his own philanthropy and volunteering. “There are so many who aren’t as fortunate as we are, and we can help. And we can do that permanently,” he says, slipping back into professional mode. “For  my clients, legacy is a huge thing, and that’s what’s so neat about OCF—it’s going to be there forever. Plus, OCF’s track record with investments, its reputation for following through with their programs, and their accountability and due diligence mean that I know that they’re going to do what they say. It’s the best—in some ways, it’s the only—game in town.”