The Fields Fund One-Time Special Grants

11/7/2012 Press Release

The Oregon Community Foundation is proud to announce $1.3 million in one-time special grants from the Fred W. Fields Fund.

Earlier this year, Fred Fields left a substantial gift to The Oregon Community Foundation with the direction to use this permanent fund to support education and the arts in Oregon. The size and nature of his gift are extraordinary and OCF’s Board of Directors is excited to make its first round of grants from the fund.

The long-term vision and strategy for the fund are being developed and will be presented in May 2013. In the meantime, more than $1.3 million in unsolicited one-time grants is being awarded this month to 136  nonprofits across Oregon that are doing good work in areas that were meaningful to Fred Fields and his wife, Suzanne.

An additional $600,000 in community grants is also being awarded in the areas of education and the arts. These grants are funded through the Fields Fund and increase the total amount awarded through OCF’s community grants to $2.2 million.

Together, these grants are a testament to the excellence and diversity of Oregon’s arts and education organizations and continue the generous spirit of giving personified by the Fields.

More about Fred Fields and the Fields Fund.  

Detailed information on the one-time special grants.