Governor Kitzhaber Sets Up Challenge Fund at OCF to Help Low-Income Students

4/11/2012 Press Release

Governor John Kitzhaber challenged Oregonians to step up to help school districts pay exam fees for thousands of low-income students in Oregon who are suddenly faced with paying for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams.

For more than a decade, low-income students had their fees waived, thanks in part to a federal grant. But this year, Congress cut federal funding for low-income students’ test fees by $16 million. For Oregon, that translated into $205,000 less to support students in school districts across the state.

This year, Oregon high school students from low-income families are expected to take more than 6,500 AP and IB exams in hopes that their hard work in advanced courses will earn them college credits.

Research shows that high school students who earn college credit are more likely to go on to college and to graduate with a degree. That’s good for the students, their families and their community, Kitzhaber said.

“Earning college credit while still in high school opens doors,” the Governor said. “But now, that door could be slamming shut for thousands of students.”

The Governor is challenging Oregonians to help school districts cover their students’ fees: “For a small investment, you can reward the hard work of a striving high school student, and help them down the path to a better future.”

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