Latinos in Oregon Report

8/29/2016 Press Release

The Oregon Community Foundation has just released the 2016 Latinos in Oregon Report . I have highlighted below some of the key findings from the new data:

  • Oregon’s Latino population is growing at a rate faster than the national rate: 12 percent of the state’s population is now Latino, representing a 72 percent growth since 2000.
  • Oregon Latinos are significantly younger than white Oregonians. The median age for Latinos is 24 years, compared to 41 years for the white population.
  • The number of U.S.-born Latino Oregonians has increased 21 percent compared to a 1 percent growth in the number of foreign-born Latino Oregonians.
  • In schools, more Latino students are graduating, but the achievement gap between Latino and white students starts early and persists.
  • The Latino graduation rate has increased from 65 percent in 2000 to 75 percent in 2014, though it still lags behind the 84 percent graduation rate for white students.
  • Latino business ownership has grown faster than the growth of the Latino population.
  • However, Latinos are more likely to be unemployed, incomes are substantially lower for Latino families and poverty rates are much higher in comparison to white Oregonians.
  • Nearly one-third of Oregon’s Latinos still lack health insurance, fewer Latinas receive adequate prenatal care than white women, and the Latina teen pregnancy rate is double the rate for white teens.

As the Latino community continues to grow in Oregon, it is increasingly important to ensure that all Latino Oregonians have access to the education, economic and healthcare opportunities they need to thrive.

The Oregon Community Foundation is focused on finding ways to address existing disparities through leadership and grantmaking programs. We hope that the research in this report is useful to others in the public and private sectors as we jointly strive to give all Oregonians equal opportunities to succeed.