OCF Partners with School Districts Throughout the State to Ensure Children are Ready to Succeed in School

2/25/2014 Press Release

OCF is pleased to announce a total of $666,200 recently awarded to nine Oregon school districts focused on efforts to improve children’s readiness for success in kindergarten and beyond. The grant awards are made through OCF’s P-3 (pre-natal through grade three) Alignment Implementation program.

Now more than ever before, educators grasp the importance of early childhood education. By the age of five years, a child’s brain is 90% developed and by kindergarten entry, many children are so far behind that they may never catch up. The implications are far reaching, so the emphasis on a seamless sequence of high-quality education from the earliest years through grade three is critical.

“It is exciting to see Oregon working to stake out a national leadership role in P-3 reform,” affirmed OCF President and CEO Max Williams. “OCF’s commitment to investing in a multi-year, statewide initiative offers a unique level of support in aligning school districts with the early childhood community with the common goal of improving child outcomes for our state.”

P-3 Alignment holds great promise for ensuring more children are reading at benchmark by third grade – a key milestone – and prepared for success throughout their school career. The activities undertaken by the nine recipient Oregon school districts will continue to build connections with early childhood providers and parents of young children and lay the foundation for smoother transitions into kindergarten and beyond.

“OCF’s P-3 alignment program will support the state’s efforts to better integrate all parts of the education spectrum, helping elementary schools work collaboratively with early childhood providers and parents of young children and ensure successful transitions into school,” said Mary Louise McClintock, OCF’s Director of Education Programs.

Recipients of the February 2014 P-3 Alignment Implementation grant awards are the following:

  • Astoria School District
  • Crook County School District
  • Dallas School District
  • Lincoln County School District
  • Medford School District
  • North Lake School District
  • Pendleton School District
  • Portland Public Schools District
  • Salem-Keizer School District

More information about the P-3 Alignment Implementation grants here.