OCF Statement on Immigrant and Refugee Issues

3/7/2017 Press Release

In keeping with our mission, The Oregon Community Foundation is concerned about the safety, security and welfare of all people with special concern for immigrants and those who are fleeing physical violence, war, political or religious persecution.

OCF reasserts that all people, regardless of their nationality, country of origin or religion are entitled to basic and fundamental human rights which include due process, protection and access to basic necessities, including access to food, clothing, shelter and medical and mental health services. We support and encourage all people, non-governmental organizations, and governments to cooperate fully in seeking the best solutions to meet human needs and relieve suffering.

OCF is committed to helping address those needs in Oregon and will continue to support organizations that are providing services to those in need. We firmly assert our commitment to use the power of philanthropy to improve the lives of our communities in Oregon.