Oregon Ranks in Top Ten in Volunteering and Civic Engagement

4/29/2013 Press Release

April 21 - 27 was National Volunteer Week, so let’s take a minute to recognize the thousands of volunteers in Oregon who make a difference every day. Here at OCF, our 1,600 volunteers sit on scholarship advisory committees, connect us to their communities through leadership councils, help us to evaluate grants, and play many other critical roles.  

The Oregon Volunteers website posts the following:

Volunteers in Oregon demonstrated their commitment to strengthening their communities in a variety of ways and earned the #8 ranking among the 50 states, according to the Volunteering and Civic Life in America (VCLA) report. The report is based on 2011 data. Oregon’s volunteer rate reached an all-time high with nearly 1.1 million volunteers serving more than 136.7 million total hours, which is valued at more than $2.6 billion.

"Oregon's move into the top 10 states for volunteering comes as no surprise to me,” said Gov. John Kitzhaber. “Every visit to an Oregon town or city is an opportunity to see local residents engaged at a personal level in their community. Volunteering is a part of Oregon's culture and DNA."

The VCLA data is part of the most comprehensive study of volunteering and civic engagement in America.

  • This year’s report not only shows Oregon ranking in the top 10 in volunteer rate but also Oregon’s remarkable jump from #37 to #4 in number of volunteer hours per resident.
  • Oregon’s college students moved into the top 10 for the first time at #8.
  • Among the nation’s 50 largest cities, Portland ranks in the top five in terms of volunteer rates for ages 16-42.
  • Among mid-sized cities, Salem now ranks #11 in volunteer rate and Eugene is #17 in volunteer hours.

The complete report is available at VolunteeringInAmerica.gov.