"Check Out OCF": Simple Words to Promote Philanthropy

9/6/2013 Press Release

For several years, Tim and Jo Ann McQueary, OCF donors and volunteers, encouraged a friend to learn about OCF. Eventually their friend attended a local OCF reception and heard about the Foundation’s Community Grants Program and other board-directed programs and initiatives. After the event, he contacted an OCF charitable gift planner and asked for information on how to leave a bequest in his will. He wanted to support the programs that our board feels are most important – programs he heard about at the outreach event. They worked together, in conjunction with his estate planning attorney, to create a testamentary discretionary fund that will leave unrestricted monies to OCF through a simple bequest. The donor feels good about trusting OCF to permanently steward his fund to make grants where they are needed most.

Thanks to Tim and Jo Ann McQueary for making the connection to OCF. Do you know someone who is working on their estate plan? Encourage them to check in with a charitable gift planner for options.