Stephanie Swanson

Stephanie Swanson Joins OCF to Direct Marketing and Communications

2/6/2018 Press Release

The Oregon Community Foundation Expands Executive Team

The Oregon Community Foundation welcomes Stephanie Swanson as Director of Marketing and Communications. Stephanie will join the OCF Executive Team, leading OCF’s entire communications effort, creating an integrated marketing and communications strategy to proactively promote and fulfill OCF’s vision and mission.

Previously, Stephanie led brand, communications, marketing and community outreach for a nationally recognized non-profit organization, Enhabit (formerly Clean Energy Works), during its transition from a federally subsidized entity to a self-sustaining enterprise.

Over a career spanning nearly 30 years, Stephanie has worked directly in government, business, media and non-profit organizations and collaboratively with diverse community leaders and academic organizations focused on framing complex issues for market and organizational change.

“Stephanie arrives at an important inflection point for the organization,” says OCF President and CEO, Max Williams. “We recognize opportunities to create fresh and innovative approaches to communicate the value and impact of giving for all Oregonians,” he added.

Stephanie’s immediate priorities include meeting with OCF staff, Board, community partners and stakeholders on a ‘listening tour’ to clearly understand the communication needs and diverse interests of those vested in OCF.

“I am honored by this opportunity to work alongside a talented and dedicated leadership team to reimagine a communications program that addresses evolving community priorities,” says Swanson. “I look forward to elevating awareness of OCF’s efforts to advance Oregonian values and tangible community benefits,” she added.

Swanson began February 1, 2018 in the Portland, Oregon offices of OCF and can be reached at