Travels with Max

3/28/2012 Press Release

In my first 60 days on the job, I have already had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of OCF supporters in many areas around the state.

Here are just a few of my many impressions following those travels:

  • I have been struck by the depth of OCF’s impact on communities large and small. Many nonprofits have commented that if it weren't for OCF donor support, their program simply would not have gotten off the ground. This is particularly true where OCF was able to make an early investment that helped leverage other funds.

  • That depth is made possible by the amazing breadth of OCF donors and their engagement in their communities. I like to think of it as making music together, with OCF as the instrument, our donors as the breath that blows through the instrument, and the communities gaining the benefit of the music we make in concert with nonprofits.

  • Each of the communities I visited is wonderfully unique, but there are also strong ties that bind one community to another. It is our job — and our privilege — to support both the unique attributes and the common threads that make us stronger together.

I look forward to sharing thoughts, ideas and impressions with you as I continue my travels.

— Max Williams, President and CEO