The mission of the OCF Research Program is to help the foundation make wise decisions and evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts to improve life in Oregon. The OCF Research Program provides research and data-driven information to inform OCF’s priorities, activities and operations; provides impartial research and analysis of Oregon’s pressing issues; and assesses the outcomes of OCF’s programs and initiatives.

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The Research Program analyzes OCF funds and the topic areas, regions, and populations that are supported by OCF grants.

OCF’s total endowment has grown nearly 380% since 2001 and 19% between 2015 and 2016. OCF’s endowment is made up of different types of funds. The OCF Board determines the priorities and use of Discretionary Funds. Donor Advised Funds are funds that name fund advisors who makes grant recommendations for the funds. Endowment Funds are nonprofit organizations’ endowments housed at OCF. Designated Funds name particular organizations as the recipient of the fund. Volunteer advisory committees are responsible for making grant recommendations from Community Advised Funds. Scholarship Funds have been established to support scholarships for students.

Growth of the OCF endowment:


OCF Grantmaking

In 2016, OCF made $41.9M in education grants and scholarships, representing the largest area of grantmaking for the foundation. Over one-third of OCF’s discretionary grantmaking funds education programs primarily in the areas of early childhood education, out-of-school time and mentoring, and K-12 education. Click here for a look at OCF’s grantmaking across all topic areas..

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