Health & Well-Being

In 2016, OCF invested more than $29 million in programs supporting the health and well-being of young people and families across the state. In 2012, the OCF board of directors named children’s dental health a statewide priority for the Foundation, which means that we will not only continue to invest in local health programs, but also increase awareness and foster change in broad policies to ensure that all children in Oregon have access to dental care.

Children's Dental Health Initiative

Oregon has one of the country’s highest rates of childhood dental disease, which is the most common chronic disease affecting U.S. children. The causes of this silent epidemic include inadequate education, economic hardship and limited access to services.

To address this statewide crisis, OCF has launched the five-year Children's Dental Health Initiative, which builds on the Foundation's successful Regional Action Initiative projects in the Southern Willamette Valley and the South Coast.

As part of this effort, OCF has also established the Oral Health Funders Collaborative, the goal of which is to build partnerships with other funders to improve dental health statewide through such measures as bringing dental screening and services into schools, educating Oregonians on the preventable toll of dental disease, and developing infrastructure that will provide wider access to dental care.

Staff Assistance

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