Latino Partnership Program

From 2000 to 2010, Oregon’s Latino population grew 63 percent. This demographic shift has begun to alter long-held notions of politics, education, the work force and interracial relations. For the past decade, OCF's Latino Partnership Program has been collaborating with Latino leaders and organizations around the state to engage with Oregon’s fastest-growing community.

The new Latino Partnership Program statewide plan will deepen this work by focusing on education, leadership development, and community and cultural bridges.

Statewide Plan
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LPP Staff

In May of 2013, The Oregon Community Foundation Board of Directors approved the LPP statewide plan which contains two major provisions: first, to blend the LPP focus areas into the major OCF funding streams and programs; and, second, to focus LPP efforts on education (early childhood, higher education and scholarships), leadership development and community bridge initiatives.

The LPP’s major goals are to:

  1. Work with Latino leaders and organizations to address education challenges for the Latino community, and to address other issues consistent with OCF priorities
  2. Strengthen Latino engagement in and influence on social and economic issues that affect their lives and communities
  3. Forge ties between Latino and non-Latino communities and individuals