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A strong economy is vital to our state. To ensure a thriving Oregon now and in the future, OCF is deploying grants, loans and venture capital to support youth education and mentoring, scale Oregon’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and build the new natural resources economy.

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In the wake of the 2008 economic crisis, OCF’s board of directors made jobs and the economy a strategic priority for the Foundation.

The board’s Strategic Opportunities Committee identified four strategies for building Oregon’s economy:

  • Mentor youth and give them hands-on career education and experience.
  • Scale Oregon’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by improving access to mentors and capital.
  • Build Oregon’s new natural resources economy to improve rural job creation and retention.
  • Provide leadership in understanding and improving Oregon’s capital landscape.

To achieve these aims, OCF has prioritized the following activities:

  • Investing in Oregon-based seed, early-stage and growth venture capital funds
  • Directing grant funding to organizations that offer career education and mentoring for youth, provide financial and educational resources for entrepreneurs, and create jobs in the new natural resources economy
  • Making loans to community organizations that provide financial services and mentoring to underserved urban and rural entrepreneurs and that support the sustainable management of Oregon’s natural resources

To learn how OCF’s commitment to economic vitality is transforming lives and communities across our state, click through the tabs above or download our 2017 economic vitality report.

Staff Assistance

Most of OCF’s economic vitality grant, investment and loan opportunities are offered by invitation only. However, competitive economic vitality grants may be available through our Community Grant program. For more information on OCF’s commitment to economic vitality, please contact: